God’s Spoken Ways

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May 22nd, 2022    

Giving God Our Best

Giving God Our Best – What does it mean to give God our best?  Is our best what we decide, or is it what God requires of us?  If it’s the latter, do we give God our best day in and day out?  God wants us to give him our best. If we want to be blessed with the best from God, then we must be willing to give God our best. Giving God our best is not easy; we have so many plans for ourselves. We cannot give to God, to others, and achieve the plans we have. This is the point God is making. Are we willing to give our best to God and others all the time? God wants the best from us, are we willing to give it?  We must want God’s best, over the things of the world. We must desire to not just experience God’s best in this life, but also in the life to come. God wants us to experience his best, so we praise, worship, and glorify his name. God wants nothing but the best for us, can we receive it, are we willing to give God our best and share with others, so we receive God’s best through Christ?  As the saying goes, the best is yet to come. 

May 15th, 2022    

Taste And See

Taste And See – is about how the world has a way of tricking us, getting us to think what it offers is good for us. It’s only till we suffer, be disappointed, and feel the hardness of life that we learn not everything in the world should be tasted. There are many things in the world we should never place our hand on, never allow into our thinking, never subject our minds and bodies to, and never accept as part of our behavior.  From the start, we all seek good things in life, unfortunately, the world teaches us bad things as though they are good.  We taste that which seems good but is bad for us and causes harm to us and others, instead of tasting the goodness of God, that saves, heals, and provides for our needs.  If we taste and see how wonderful the love of Christ Jesus is. If we taste and see how merciful God is. If we taste and see how amazing the healing power of Christ is, we will never eat from the world again. We will only eat fruit that comes from God, spiritual food, that nourishes our soul.  For in him and through him, we have all we need for life

May 8th, 2022    

The Father And Son

The Father And Son – is about keeping the truth straight about God the Father and his Son Christ Jesus. Either we tend to deny the one, or we think they are the same. However, God’s Word teaches us that the Father taught Christ everything. It does not matter what we want to believe, what matters is what God has spoken and revealed. Christ Jesus came down from the Father to save the world, to grant us God’s Salvation. The Father did not come down in the flesh, Jesus did. What God’s Word says and teaches, we must believe, and trust in. We must believe the truth about the relationship that exists between the Father and the Son. We know Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. We know the Father has a throne, and Christ has a throne. We must keep the story straight about God the Father and our Lord Christ Jesus, so through the work of the Spirit we are united and held together in Christ Jesus

April 24th, 2022    

Never Alone

Never Alone – It’s interesting as Christians how we can fall into a state of feeling lonely, even though we have others around us.  In most cases, loneliness comes from a disconnected relationship with someone, it could be our spouse, family, children, or even God. We get this feeling of not being part of that which we felt so connected to. God wants us to know, that if we develop a relationship with him and his Son, we are never alone. It is sin that separates us from God, and each other.  God desires to have a relationship with each one of us through Christ Jesus. The Lord wants us to avoid loneliness, by being a part of his body, so in him, we have all that we need to never feel alone. Christ is coming to gather us all together with him. He sends the Spirit of God into our hearts, so we know we are never alone.  In Christ, we have all that we need to have joy, peace, and love, so we never feel alone. We must live in him, to receive it.  Being alone with God is not like being alone in the world, for he will never leave us, or forsake us

April 17th, 2022    

Walking With God

Walking With God – is about our journey to achieve all God has promised, we must walk in a way that allows us to mature in the things of God. We must have a strong desire to walk before God in love and truth.  How we walk before God will determine the strength of our faith, and how mature we are in Christ Jesus.  Walking with God will require a lot of us, as the Spirit teaches us how to be like Jesus in everything we do.  If it was not for the blood of Christ Jesus, our walk would be in vain. If it was not for the grace of God, our walk would be in vain.  God the Father has given us over to his Son so we can have life in him, be connected and walk with God. The path that leads to the Father requires us to undergo a spiritual transformation, so we are worthy of walking with God and entering his kingdom. Our walk with God must be real, it cannot be fake. Our walk must lead to God’s holiness, and not back to the world.

April 10th, 2022    

God At Work

God At Work – scripture teaches us that the Father and the Son is always at work, always providing a way for those who love and fear God. We all have a part to play in carrying out God’s Work. Though the Lord could use a rock to do his will, he wants us to be useful in carrying out his plan to help and save his people. The work we do for God must be pleasing in his sight. The Lord gives us the Spirit so it can be at work in us, doing the Will of the Father.  God is always at work, we need to make room for his work in our everyday lives, so his work brings everything together for his glory through his Son Christ Jesus. Do we live our lives as if we are working to serve God?  Can others see God at work in us, changing us?  God is at work all the time; all the time God is at work. Many souls need salvation, the Lord is always working to save.

April 3rd, 2022    

Hearing From God

Hearing From God – Being able to hear God is not as easy as it may sound. There are many things that deaden our ability to hear the Lord. There are many things that distort what we hear. As sin continues to increase, it makes it harder for us to hear the voice of the Lord, produces the wrong kind of desires, and makes us seek things contrary to what God is saying.  Sin stops us from being able to hear from God. Christ Jesus still has his hand raised, speaking God’s truth so we can hear it. The Spirit is still working to lead, teach, and counsel God’s people into God’s Word and Ways. Many have become deaf, unable to hear, or unwilling to understand and do what thus says the Lord. We need to hear from God. We need to hear from God, so our children come to know him. Help us, Jesus, open our ears to God’s Word and truth. Help us, so the Spirit lives in our hearts. We want to hear and receive from God; his thoughts and ways are higher than ours. We must seek the voice of God, listen, pay attention, obey, put it into practice, and share it with others. So, we are all led by the voice of God.

March 27th, 2022    

Knitted Together

Knitted Together – is a teaching about how we are all held together by something. How we operate with each other shows what we believe holds us together or keeps us apart.  Some believe love is the key that knits us all together, while others believe finance or race is what knits us together with others.  When we are knitted together with others, we are willing to fight, even kill others who seem to threaten the group we are knitted together with.  It’s important we have a right understanding about how we are knitted together, and with who, so we are knitted together with those who are right in God’s eyes. We are woven together with God’s Word, His Love, His Peace, His Strength, in His Authority so all things come together in Christ Jesus. There is one Father, one Lord, one Word, one faith, and one body. We must see ourselves woven together as brothers and sisters in Christ.   

March 20th, 2022    

Spirit of God

Spirit Of God – There is nothing like knowing the spirit of a person. We can pay attention to what someone says, but that seems to not always hold true. We can look at a person’s actions, but not all their actions tell the true story. If we come to know the spirit of a person, that is when we know the person's heart and intentions.  It is by one’s spirit that we come to know what the person is about. This is true with mankind, and this is true with God. It is the reason from the beginning God has been willing to pour out his Spirit on mankind. God wants us to know him, to know of his Spirit, and the great love he has for us.  We must be willing to let the Spirit of God through Christ have its way with us. The Spirit will go against our spirit, but if we can endure, not grieve the Spirit, not put out the Spirit’s fire within us, God’s Spirit will do some amazing things not only within us, but through our life in Christ. The Spirit of God will teach us how to love one another, how to be one in Christ, how to be part of the family of God   

March 13th, 2022    

Honor And Glory

Honor And Glory – Which is better to give honor and glory, or to receive honor and glory for ourselves? If we apply the scripture that says it is better to give than to receive, then we would live our lives to give honor and glory to God for all the things he has done and will do in our lives.  Many are raised to work hard to receive fame, honor, and glory for themselves.  This is the sign that we have made it, that we are successful in life.  Working to receive honor and glory is not bad within itself, what makes it bad is who we are trying to receive honor and glory for. The honor and glory we receive from the world, cannot compare to honor and glory that comes from God.  What can we do without the Lord? It is God through Christ who gives us life, gives us abilities, saves us, supplies us with knowledge and strength. We cannot keep honor and glory for ourselves when it belongs to God. The Father and Christ Jesus is worthy of our honor, worthy of our glory, worthy of our praise, worthy of our worship. God deserves all the honor and glory.  

March 6th, 2022    

God’s The Same

God’s The Same – This teaching is about how God looks at us and the way we look at each other is very different. We have many differences that allow us to see and interact with each other differently. Many believe these differences are godly, which allows them to justify their actions whether they are just or unjust, loving or hateful.  God is the same, he does not show favoritism. As Christians, we must ensure our thinking and understanding aligns with God. God wants things to be the same across his children, no matter the race, culture, or birthplace. We must see the things of God being the same for all who come to live for God.  There is only one mankind, though there are different colors, sizes, shapes, we are all of mankind, thus God treats us as the same kind. Mankind likes to sow indifference, which allows them to create unjust laws and systems that oppress those who are not like their kind. But there is one human race, one mankind in the eyes of God. In Christ Jesus, we are all the same. There is one faith, one Lord, one God, we are all in Christ. We must do away with our indifference and love each other as one in Christ.  

February 20th, 2022    


Holiness – I can confess, when I gave my life to Christ Jesus, I did not think the Lord was calling me into a life of holiness.  I thought, once all my sins were washed away by the blood of Christ, I just needed to be a good person. Then the Lord started teaching me about his holiness, and his desire for a holy people of God. I did as many Christians do, I focused on what I was willing to change, not the high-level God has called all his children to live.  As the Lord continued to teach me his word and ways, as I worked on maturing my faith, the subject of holiness would not go away. We do not think we can stop sinning or turn away from the ways of this world. For us to be with Christ, to see the Father, holiness is the only way. We are told in scripture, no one will see God without holiness. God is Holy, and we must become holy as we are called to be.  We are not of this world, we are of the kingdom of God, a holy people of God. We must live our lives holy in Christ Jesus.      

February 6th, 2022    

Bound By God

Bound By God – As we mature in our walk with God, we come to understand just how bound we were to things of the world that kept us from growing and maturing.  We had to allow the Lord to break every chain, so our bond to things in the world is broken, and we wholeheartedly bind ourselves to God. It’s important we understand what bound us to the world, so we are free to serve the Lord. We bind ourselves to God, so we can do what pleases him, and not ourselves.  God gives us free will, which allows us to determine what we will bind ourselves to, many try to bind themselves to things in the world, and things of God, but this makes us a lukewarm Christian. For us to receive all the Father desires to give us through Christ Jesus, we must be willing to be bound by God, his truth, his word, his thoughts, his ways, his plan, his Spirit, his Son, so we have eternal life with him.

January 30th, 2022    

Being Fulfilled

Being Fulfilled – is about how each one of us has a desire to be fulfilled. We go through life trying to achieve a sense of fulfillment, so we can feel good about our life. For some, we achieve this level of comfort for a little while, then it disappears, for others we never get to experience it. Being fulfilled is a moving target for most of us. There are many personal things that make a person feel fulfilled, feeling loved, having peace in life, accomplishing our dreams, prosperity, or feeling happy about our lives. Being fulfilled is a combination of emotions, beliefs, and achievements. We are going backward, and not forward in Christ. We are trying to fulfill our lives without God. No matter how much we try, how much money we have. No matter how large our business is, whatever we have will never be enough, there remains an emptiness within us. There is only one way for us to be fulfilled, and that is through our life in Christ Jesus. In him, there is no emptiness, he is full of love, and a generous God.

January 23rd, 2022    

In To WIn

In To Win – is teaching to remind us why we are seeking the Lord, why we are willing to believe and separate ourselves from the world to live for God. It must be clear to us, how we win to receive God’s Favor and win the prize that Christ Jesus holds in his hand for those who live their lives faithfully to God.  We all desire to win. The most important thing we need to win is our Salvation. We came before the Lord to be accepted, now that we are in, we must run to win the prize the Lord promised. We must be in it to win!   Working to achieve a lifelong journey will take every bit of ourselves to win, to overcome; to achieve victory. To win, we must be willing to go all the way, not just enter in the race. We want complete victory; to crossover the finish line and enter God’s kingdom.  We are in it to win!!!

January 16th, 2022    

Spiritual Vision

Spiritual Vision - As Christians, we are called by God to enter his presence so we can see the things of God, and gain insight into what the Lord has planned for us and the world. This takes us having spiritual sight and receiving spiritual visions.  For the Lord to reveal things to us, we must have spiritual sight to see the things of God clearly, see visions, and receive dreams. To receive spiritual vision and sight, we must have a strong connection to Christ Jesus. We need Spiritual vision and sight, so we not only see what the Lord plans for our lives, but we see what the Lord has for the lives of God’s people. Spiritual vision and sight, do not enrich our lives but enrich the lives of those who need God. We need to have spiritual vision and sight so we can see the things of God, get our eyes off the things of the world, so what we seek and do gives God glory.   

January 9th, 2022    

Angels Of God

Angels of God – is about understanding how Angels of God work and what their role is in bringing us closer to God. What do you think about angels, are they real, what do they do, do they really exist? It seems far from our mind that there are angels of God whose job is to minister and carry out the work of God. They do exist and have a purpose in heaven and on earth. You may ask the question do I need communication with an angel, and what should I expect from an encounter with an angel. Those are very good questions, so let’s understand the purpose and role of angels of God and for what reason would the Lord send an angel to minister and help us. Angels are beings who surround God’s throne, they are not a person who is head of a church, though at times they can take on human form.  They are sent by God to lead and guide us into God’s Will in heaven and on earth.  They are powerful and mighty, yet they work within the structure God has set up. When we have an experience with an Angel of God, we have a responsibility to listen, to learn, and follow what the angel is instructing us to do.  They don’t come to tell of their own, they come speaking the words of God, to enlighten, to warn, to reveal God’s plan through Christ.  

January 2nd, 2022    

No More Me

No More Me – is teaching how we must continue to make progress in growing and maturing our faith, so our attitude about things in the world becomes like Christ Jesus. As scripture teaches us, we must allow the work of the Spirit to continue ridding ourselves of things that displease God. We must reach a level of faith, where there is no more me, and our lives are complete in Christ Jesus. We must move beyond ourselves, beyond things we desire, to live our life for God. Our souls must cry out, no more me Lord, may my life be completely found in you to the glory of God. It's not easy to develop mature faith in God, it takes a level of devotion many are not willing to give these days. If we desire true riches from God, then we must be willing to let go of self and take hold of Christ Jesus. Our souls need to cry out every day, less of me Lord, and more of you. Help me Lord Jesus, so there is no more me, only you living in me.   

December 19th, 2021    

Being Offended

Being Offended – Many things in life these days offends us, even God’s Word offends us based on our beliefs and religion.  We have become people who are easily offended, we won’t take much from someone. God’s Word is intended to cut at the heart, to go deep to touch our very soul.  It will offend us because the way we think, our desires, the way we think of ourselves and others, make us indifferent to God. We must become humble so nothing about God’s Word offends us, and we are not easily offended by others. The love of Christ Jesus residing on the inside of us makes us better and stronger. We can take on insults, being mistreated, spoken badly about, because that which falls on us, falls on Christ Jesus. God wants us to become a people who can handle those who oppose us because we know God is on our side, and his truth and ways are the only things that matter.

December 12th, 2021    

Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation – No matter how we look at it, living our lives in Christ Jesus is going to require us to change. Our desires, plans, heart, body, and mind must be spiritually transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.  Many of us are willing to change a little for the Lord, but not many of us are willing to change in large degrees for God, so what God wants us to be is made complete.  We are called to go through a spiritual transformation, so we are taught by the Spirit, make changes the Spirit is inspiring us to make, and take on the attitude of Christ. We have to allow the Lord to transform us, so our walk is peaceful, our words are kind, our response is loving, our hand is open, our heart is forgiving, our reaction towards others is compassionate, our mind is right with God, and our faith and belief in God is strong. We have to be spiritually transformed, so we are not religious-minded.  We have to be spiritually transformed, so we are confident, we can make it into the kingdom of God.

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