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January 16th, 2022    

Spiritual Vision

Spiritual Vision - As Christians, we are called by God to enter his presence so we can see the things of God, and gain insight into what the Lord has planned for us and the world. This takes us having spiritual sight and receiving spiritual visions.  For the Lord to reveal things to us, we must have spiritual sight to see the things of God clearly, see visions, and receive dreams. To receive spiritual vision and sight, we must have a strong connection to Christ Jesus. We need Spiritual vision and sight, so we not only see what the Lord plans for our lives, but we see what the Lord has for the lives of God’s people. Spiritual vision and sight, do not enrich our lives but enrich the lives of those who need God. We need to have spiritual vision and sight so we can see the things of God, get our eyes off the things of the world, so what we seek and do gives God glory.   

January 9th, 2022    

Angels Of God

Angels of God – is about understanding how Angels of God work and what their role is in bringing us closer to God. What do you think about angels, are they real, what do they do, do they really exist? It seems far from our mind that there are angels of God whose job is to minister and carry out the work of God. They do exist and have a purpose in heaven and on earth. You may ask the question do I need communication with an angel, and what should I expect from an encounter with an angel. Those are very good questions, so let’s understand the purpose and role of angels of God and for what reason would the Lord send an angel to minister and help us. Angels are beings who surround God’s throne, they are not a person who is head of a church, though at times they can take on human form.  They are sent by God to lead and guide us into God’s Will in heaven and on earth.  They are powerful and mighty, yet they work within the structure God has set up. When we have an experience with an Angel of God, we have a responsibility to listen, to learn, and follow what the angel is instructing us to do.  They don’t come to tell of their own, they come speaking the words of God, to enlighten, to warn, to reveal God’s plan through Christ.  

January 2nd, 2022    

No More Me

No More Me – is teaching how we must continue to make progress in growing and maturing our faith, so our attitude about things in the world becomes like Christ Jesus. As scripture teaches us, we must allow the work of the Spirit to continue ridding ourselves of things that displease God. We must reach a level of faith, where there is no more me, and our lives are complete in Christ Jesus. We must move beyond ourselves, beyond things we desire, to live our life for God. Our souls must cry out, no more me Lord, may my life be completely found in you to the glory of God. It's not easy to develop mature faith in God, it takes a level of devotion many are not willing to give these days. If we desire true riches from God, then we must be willing to let go of self and take hold of Christ Jesus. Our souls need to cry out every day, less of me Lord, and more of you. Help me Lord Jesus, so there is no more me, only you living in me.   

December 19th, 2021    

Being Offended

Being Offended – Many things in life these days offends us, even God’s Word offends us based on our beliefs and religion.  We have become people who are easily offended, we won’t take much from someone. God’s Word is intended to cut at the heart, to go deep to touch our very soul.  It will offend us because the way we think, our desires, the way we think of ourselves and others, make us indifferent to God. We must become humble so nothing about God’s Word offends us, and we are not easily offended by others. The love of Christ Jesus residing on the inside of us makes us better and stronger. We can take on insults, being mistreated, spoken badly about, because that which falls on us, falls on Christ Jesus. God wants us to become a people who can handle those who oppose us because we know God is on our side, and his truth and ways are the only things that matter.

December 12th, 2021    

Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation – No matter how we look at it, living our lives in Christ Jesus is going to require us to change. Our desires, plans, heart, body, and mind must be spiritually transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.  Many of us are willing to change a little for the Lord, but not many of us are willing to change in large degrees for God, so what God wants us to be is made complete.  We are called to go through a spiritual transformation, so we are taught by the Spirit, make changes the Spirit is inspiring us to make, and take on the attitude of Christ. We have to allow the Lord to transform us, so our walk is peaceful, our words are kind, our response is loving, our hand is open, our heart is forgiving, our reaction towards others is compassionate, our mind is right with God, and our faith and belief in God is strong. We have to be spiritually transformed, so we are not religious-minded.  We have to be spiritually transformed, so we are confident, we can make it into the kingdom of God.

December 5th, 2021    

Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment – is teaching about receiving discernment from God so we avoid false things of the world and religion and know the difference between sin and evil. Without spiritual discernment we are easily misled, how do we know the truth without spiritual discernment from God?  We need the Lord to bless us with spiritual discernment so we have spiritual insight and understanding regarding God’s truth, word, will, and ways. We need spiritual discernment so we can hear and understand God’s Will and not our own and be led by the Spirit. We need discernment from God, so what we understand and believe comes from God. We can’t get together with others to write doctrine, teachings, theology to explain the things of God, it must come from God, within Christ, through the Word, and by the Spirit. We need the Spirit of God giving us discernment, so we have godly insight, grow, and mature in Christ Jesus.  How do we get spiritual discernment, it comes from us growing and maturing in Christ Jesus and living a godly life.

November 28th, 2021    

Spiritual Battlefields

Spiritual Battlefields – is about recognizing the battlefields that are warring within us, so we can mature and be victorious as Christ Jesus helps us fight the spiritual battles within us. There are many types of battlefields some are internal, and some are external. Jesus promised he would defeat the enemy, so we don’t have to worry about the external battles. The Lord teaches us that we need to overcome that which is battling and warring against our mind, body, heart, and soul. We need the Lord’s help, so we overcome our battles and come off the battlefield stronger, standing firm, praising and God. We have victory over fear, over worry, over selfishness, over greed, over lust, over anger and rage, over sexual immorality, victory over sin and death. Through Christ, we overcome every battle within us, so we walk completely free, and have victory in this life and the life to come. Thank you Jesus.   

November 21st, 2021    


Grateful – There are some things in life, we only come to understand after we have gone through an experience.  Learning to be grateful is one of those things. I have found where there is pride, you will not find a grateful heart.  Where there is no peace and love, you will not find a thankful spirit, only trouble, and blame.  When we accepted Christ Jesus, the process of changing our hearts began. Scriptures teach us, the cares of life, worries, and the desire for riches will keep us from experiencing the newness God is offering us through Christ. We must have a new heart, so our life is full of gratitude and thankfulness to God. The Lord has been good to us, even amid all the death, hate, and violence in the world. The Father through Christ Jesus still has his hand raised looking for lives to save. When a soul calls out to the Lord, he reaches down and saves, brings us out of darkness, and into his wonderful light. The Father and Christ Jesus are worthy of our praise, worthy of our gratefulness, worthy of our thanks. There was no one else to save us, there was no one else to help us, it was the Lord who brought us through, let us be grateful to God. His mercy endures forever, his love is everlasting. We give you thanks Father God, we are so grateful Lord Jesus.

November 16th, 2021    

Anointed Life

Anointed Life– is about being anointed by God and living an anointed life.  It’s not something we take upon ourselves because we desire to be over others, or in a position of influence and power, or to become rich.  Living an anointed life is a serious matter we should take seriously so many lives are changed by what God the Father and Christ Jesus accomplishes through us in helping save souls. God’s Word speaks of those who have a false or fake anointing that is not ordained by the Lord. If we know we have been called, ordained, and anointed by God, then we must live an anointed life with the Lord. It’s a lifelong work, whose purpose is to lead God’s people to God. Living an anointed life is about God, and not about us. Our anointing must be real, it cannot be counterfeit! It must come from God and not through worldly traditions and practices, but from God.  God’s anointing flows from the Father, through Christ Jesus, through the Spirit, into us. It must remain in us, if we defile ourselves with the world, our anointing will be taken away. We must live an anointed life, to glorify God the Father and Christ Jesus, through our blameless walk before God

November 7th, 2021    

The Family Of God

The Family Of God – Not many of us have an opportunity to decide which human family we are born into.  We must accept the situation we have been given, whether good or bad.  We don’t get to decide our family members, who our sisters and brothers are, who our parents are, whether good or bad.  We don’t get to decide if our parents will show us love or not, to some extent if we will have good relationships with our brothers and sisters. We do not get to decide how they act or treat us. We do get to decide if we will remain part of the family, if we will show others love, and be a good member of the family or a bad one. We do get to decide if we will honor our parents and love our brothers and sisters.  We do get to choose if we want to be part of the Family of God by accepting God’s Word, Son, and Spirit. We do get to decide if we will change and become an honorable member of the Family of God, or will the Lord have to throw us out. We do get to decide as a child of God, if we are going to love our brothers and sisters in Christ no matter their appearance or the color of their skin. We have all fallen short, now we can decide to show each other love, and show the world what it means to live as a part of God’s Family.  

November 1st, 2021    

Everything Changes

Everything Changes – This teaching is about the need to change, and changes that are coming. From the beginning, God created a plan to have a world filled with people he loves, and who loves him. A world where everything in God’s Word is kept and followed. In return, God would lavish prosperity on his people, they would live forever, he will be their God, and they would be his people. God did not want a people of puppets, but a people who chose to live and walk right before him. A people the Lord could visit and bestow his wonders and love upon.  He gave mankind a choice, free will to choose. Mankind chose the world of sin, over God. From that point on, there was a need for everything to be changed, because God’s plan never fails. So once again God will change everything, make all things new. We must accept that which God is planning through Christ Jesus, even if it does not align with our desires, or what we think will happen.  God the Father through Christ is going to make everything new, we must change now, so we are counted in that number that survive the change that is coming.

October 25th, 2021    

Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity – we are called by the Lord to mature in his will and way, we are called to be set apart for the Lord and not for ourselves. This requires growing to the point where we reach spiritual maturity through Christ Jesus.  It’s not through our understanding, nor our interpretation of God’s Word that we mature. It’s through us believing, obeying, and following God Words that leads us into spiritual maturity by the Spirit. If we desire spiritual maturity with God, it’s about a righteous walk with Christ Jesus, were everything is laid bare. Freeing us from everything that is of the world so we can be one with the Lord, growing spiritually, so we reach maturity and can properly handle the things of God. We can then help others be well planted in Christ Jesus and grow spiritually as well.

October 18th, 2021    

Spiritual Sight

Spiritual Sight – As we seek to become more and more spiritual along our journey, we must gain spiritual sight from the Lord along the way. Many things in this world could lead us away from God into blindness. It may come from outside the church, or it may come from within the church these days. Many struggle to see the difference between the world and the church because many things in the church are of the world, thus causing many to become blind while seeking God. Though called, many are missing spiritual sight that comes from God. We only see the shortcomings and faults in others, not within ourselves. We use God’s Word to condemn, not as a means of correcting, encouraging, and uplifting others. We must mature in the Lord, so we are not blind guides and blind teachers. God wants us to see his glory, so he sent his Son into the world, to be a light for those who are blind. Through the light of Christ Jesus, we can gain spiritual sight, so we clearly see the things of God, and we operate in the light of Christ Jesus all our remaining days.    

October 11th, 2021    

Chains That Bind

Chains That Binds –We should be clear about the freedom the Lord is offering us, it is not so we can do as we please. What Christ Jesus is offering us is an opportunity to unbind ourselves from darkness and the things of the world that causes us to fall into sin, and to bind ourselves to him and the Father.  We are all bound by something, there is no such thing as been unbound by everything. Freedom is the option to choose what which we desire to bind ourselves with. Christ is offering us the choice, to unbind ourselves from the world and darkness, and bind ourselves to him and the Father, through the Spirit. We cannot be the type of believer who believes we can bind ourselves to darkness and light, we know the Lord will considered us a lukewarm believer, and number us with the unbelievers. We must bind ourselves to God, so we live for the Lord. We cannot take binding ourselves to God lightly, once we grow in faith, and connect ourselves to Christ, our bond with the Lord cannot be easly broken for things of the world. We must bind ourselves to the Father and The Son, and remain bound to God for the rest of our lives.  

October 4th, 2021    

Belongs To God

Belongs To God – is teaching about giving all the glory to God, keeping none for ourselves. As the Lord blesses us, pouring into our lives, we can’t get confused about who deserves the glory, or where our help comes from. We may think we came up with a new idea or created something new, or came up with some new knowledge, but God is the creator of all things, it all starts from what God created. Everything we have, everything we create, started from something God created through Christ Jesus. God is the source of all things, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, dominion, and power. Everything good comes from the Lord, we must be faithful in giving the Father all the glory through Christ Jesus. It all belongs to God, it will all return to God. God is the creator of all things, nothing formed was formed of itself. We belong to God and not to ourselves. Christ paid the price, not you and I. Let's be mature in our thinking of the Lord and who we are in him, so what we do, and who we are, gives God all the glory and honor.  

September 26th, 2021    

Spiritual Assignment

Spiritual Assignment – is teaching about receiving a spiritual assignment from God. We cannot decide what we are going to do for God. Our assignment must come from God, so it does his Will. Christ is the one who leads and guides us, so the things of God are accomplished according to God’s Plan.  If we assign ourselves the work we do for God, it will not accomplish that which God wants for his people. We must seek our spiritual assignment from the Lord, while on our spiritual journey with him. We must run to finish the race, throwing everything else behind us, so nothing prevents us from achieving what the Lord has given us to do.  Nothing else matters only that which the Lord instructed us to accomplish that brings him glory and honor. When we are done, we will be poured out, ready to enter into God’s rest, full of peace and joy.

September 19th, 2021    

Spiritual Journey

  • Spiritual Journey– is teaching about being called into a spiritual journey with God that takes a lifetime to complete. On this journey, we not only come to know the Lord better, but we will also come to know ourselves deeply. This journey will change many things about us, things we would never change otherwise. If we devote ourselves to God’s teachings, we will reach the end of our journey and be approved by God. We will experience some amazing things in Christ, as he strengthens us, and we come to trust in the Father and Christ Jesus and be blessed in every way. As the Lord reveals his purpose for our lives, we must strive to reach the highest maturity level we can in our spiritual walk with God. We cannot choose a materialistic path to the kingdom of God; this is not God’s plan. We are called into a spiritual journey with Christ Jesus, that ensures we do the things of God, accomplish his will along our journey, and God’s purpose in us.

September 12th, 2021    

Pure Love

Pure Love  – is teaching about the difference between love that is pure and love that is impure. Unfortunately, we don’t see the difference until we have been hurt by someone saying they have pure love for us, when their love is built on harmful things that makes it impure. Many struggled to find pure love in a person. When we find someone and fall in love with them, we find some good, but we also find some bad, we try to overlook the bad, hoping the good will win out. I have found there is only one-way pure love comes through a person, and that is if that person’s life is bounded by the Love of God in Christ. We go through many bad relationships seeking pure love. For pure love to work, it first must come from God, second it must be in the two persons in the relationship, otherwise, there could be struggles, pain, and disappointment. If our love starts with God, when we meet someone and fall in love with them, God can teach both how his love works, and make the couples love pure.

September 6th, 2021    

Don‘t Give Up

Don’t Give Up – Is a teaching about how we need to grow our faith in a way that no matter what comes we will not give up on the Lord. We will not turn from God; we will fight the good fight of faith.  God’s Word teaches us that our faith will be tested, we will have to show ourselves approved. We all will undergo testing; our faith will be challenged to determine if we are holding on to the cross of Christ Jesus. We must grow, we can’t give up, we cannot turn back, we cannot turn to the right or left, we must keep on eyes on Jesus. God wants all of us to be saved, he knows some will give up and turn away.  The Father sent his Son to make a way, so we can be encouraged even in our darkest moments, even during troubled times, even on our death bed. God won’t give up on us, and we can’t give up on God. In him is all power, its in the name of Jesus, we are saved, being saved, and will be saved. Do not give up on the Father and his Son Christ Jesus. We can make it, have faith in the Lord, and live up right.

August 29th, 2021    

It Was The Lord

It Was The Lord – The Lord has told us, in this life, we will have trouble. The question is, who helped us through our troubles, was it others, did we resolve it ourselves, or was it the Lord? Was it resolved through our knowledge and strength, or was it the Lord who delivered us through it?  We must give credit to where it is due, who should receive the glory for the resolution to our issues and troubles, should the glory go to us, or to the Lord?  As Christians we are blessed by God, but some of us take what is the Lord’s and we put our name on it, accepting credit for it, including recognition from others, never confessing it was the Lord. We cannot be foolish in our walk with the Lord, God wants us to give him all the glory, all the honor, and all the praise for what he has done, and is doing through us.  Christ Jesus deserves the glory, honor, and praise, he died for our sins, he wipes away our transgressions, we did not do it on our own, it was the Lord.  If we grow in faith, giving all glory, honor, and praise to God the Father and Christ Jesus. When the Lord returns, he will give us glory and honor, he will reward us for our faithful service. We would whether receive glory, honor, and praise from God then anyone in the world.  

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